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Read Ruby source - 5. vim settings


Referring the C coding style of Ruby project, Use TAB instead of 8 SPs in C ... au FileType c setl ts=8 sw=4 noexpandtab au FileType ruby setl nowrap tabstop=8 tw=0 sw=2 expandtab…

Read Ruby source - 4. Prepare tools: global


Install "global" to read the source code. Install Refer this install page in Japanese, to install global on Mac. $ brew install global --with-exuberant-ctags --with-pygments ==> Download…

Read Ruby source - 3. Prepare tools: ctags


Install nice tools to read C source code on Mac.This time is ctags. Install ctags is installed on Mac by default. But it is BSD version, does not have the enough feature. So, install GNU ctags by homebrew. $ which ctags /usr/bin/ctags It i…