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Sushi restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia

I visited there 3 times already.

Botanic garden in Belgrade, Serbia

There are many cactus. I loved it :)

1st day in Belgrade, Servia

Obviously here is a good & hidden place to stay long time for me.In general, in middle east area country, smoking and non-smoking area is not separated. And almost people there will do smoking. But in Servia, I found non-smoking area in se…

Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is a capital city of Montenegro.I spent almost time at on Asia restaurant and Japanese restaurant, in Podgorica. Both restaurant was great.Also went to the big shopping malls, fitness gym (Soko gym), and massage shop.Asia restaur…

Budva, Montenegro

It is said that Budva is good for young people. Here is popular for night club. Unfortunately when I stayed here, it is off season. But I could ate nice Asia and local food here.Sushi restaurant board. though I could find it actually. Clos…

Old city in Kotor, Montenegro

I moved from Dubrovnik to Kotor by bus. I went to through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kotor is such as mini version of Dubrovnik. But Kotor has mountain!

Old City in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photos within 2 months.Maybe here is good for short stay. not good for long stay. 3 days are enough to stay Dubrovnik. The area (old city) for sightseeing. And around the place, it is not convenient. West area of old city, looks local peop…

Sea and Japanese restaurant in Split, Croatia

I will upload past photos, but within 3 months.Sea sideAt west side of the city, there are good views. Mountain, sea. Japanese restaurant