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Theory of constraints (TOC) - thinking process

There is a management paradigm Theory of Constraints (TOC) [1] developed originally from hard science by Eliyahu Goldratt. This time my goal is to clarify the steps for all the stakeholders to find bottlenecks (constraints) to change in a …

Designing healthy habits

The goal is to maximize my energy in AM after waking up, and improve an environment to think. I noticed caring some basic needs is important to do some activities for higher needs, according to the human's growth psychology models such as …

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

When you arrive to "Kutná Hora hl.n train" station from other cities, then use a small local train to go to "Kutná Hora město" train station to go to the city centre or use the bus. I recommend the cafe "Dobrá Čajovna Kutná Hora" [1]. I vi…

Pardubice, Czech Republic

I recommend "Galerie Café park restaurant" Galerie Café park restaurant: , Address: Sukova tř. 2876, 530 02 Pardubice I

Náchod and Adršpach, Czech Republic

When I looked for a good place to think, I found this place. Náchod Náchod is a small city but good place to stay to think, buying the healthy foods, going to the restaurants. And it is accessible to Adršpach and from other cities in Czech…

i3: Install & set up Japanese input environment


I installed and did set up Japanese input environment on i3 window manager on Fedora. Here is the working log. Install Install the following packages at first. $ sudo dnf install fcitx $ sudo dnf install fcitx-configtool $ sudo dnf install…

Telč and Třebíč, Czech Republic

Telč Třebíč


Some photos from 2020 early winter travel before COVID-19 lock down. Potsdamer Platz "Rice On! Berlin" [1] in Berlin Hauptbahnhof building. I went 2 times in the travel. :-D References [1]


Book The books "カラー図解 新しい人体の教科書" ("Color pictured book: New textbook of Human Body" in English) I bought was very interesting unexpectedly. カラー図解 新しい人体の教科書 上 (ブルーバックス) | 山科正平 | 医学・薬学 | Kindleス…

i3: window manager


I have an issue that is mouse lag in Gnome 3, Fedora 32. I could not find the solution after checking it. This issue does not happen on other installed window managers KDE Plasma and dwm. And it also did not happen on Gnome 3 in another la…

Install Fedora 32


Note to install Fedora 32 to a laptop. I like the way to install it from the USB bootable media. Go to, then check the way Create the USB media Referr this web site.…

Install Miniconda3 on Fedora


Install Miniconda referring the Miniconda and Installing in silient mode. Install /home/root/local/miniconda3-py38-4.8.3 is installed directory in my case. $ wget $ …

Desire for big picture - Siddhartha Mukherjee

Let's say that you are at a restaurant, you are hungry. Do you like ordering a food without seeing all the menu? Or you want to order it after seeing all the menu, checking which is the best? The second pattern connects to the desire for s…

DNA sequencing: Standing of the shoulders of giants

Learning materials of DNA sequencing I found the teaching materials of Ben Langmead who is the author of bowtie and bowtie2. This is a great material to learn DNA sequencing. Langmead Lab @ Johns Hopkins University - Teaching Materials: ht…

Florence, Italy

The photos are from the travel last year.

Rome, Italy and Vatican

The photos are from the travel last year. Rome and Vatican.

Budapest, Hungary

The photos are from the travel last year.

Videos: Sequncing and history

Just put interesting videos about the DNA sequencing and the history. Reading DNA - Clive Brown, CTO of Oxford Nanopore Technologies Broad@15 Talk Series; From bases to bytes (Live Stream)…

Toledo, Seville and Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

The photos from months ago. Toledo Seville Arcos de la Frontera

The day of changing the context of capitalism

I think that the important context of the present capitalism is sustainable growth. It is a scaffold of today's education, values and people's behavior in many regions. Growth is an encouraged value in the regions, but it was not always en…

yEd Graph Editor for Linux?

I love the tool yEd Graph Editor. yEd is freely available and runs on all major platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux, and macOS. It's available on Linux too. Is it packaged like FreeMind on Linux?

Biomakespace to start training for gene editiong and sequencing with MinION

Very exciting news. Publicly-available datasets, open hardware, and good open-science practices will be used t…

Madrid, Spain - Business area

Around Nuevos Ministerios metro station, and Chamartín Railway Station are local or business area. The place was not so crowed. Madrid airport was around 16 minutes from Nuevos Ministerios metro station. Maybe at a bookstore in Madrid airp…

Madrid, Spain - Tourist area, and Toledo

Months ago, I traveled Madrid Spain. That time, the route was Madrid, Toledo, Seville, and Arcos de la Frontera. Madrid - Tourist area The Atocha station is the main train station for the tourist. Museum of Ham (Museo del Jamón) is my favo…

RHEL 8, 7 and Fedora container images


Something great is happening.. It's time to add RHEL8, 7 to your applications' CI test case. RHEL8 $ docker run --rm -t bash -cx "uname -a; cat /etc/os-release" + uname -a Linux b065f4dfb56b 4.4.74-boot2dock…

Cambridge UK

Months ago in Cambridge. ADC Theatre, Corpus Playroom [1] and Botanic Garden. [1]

Install podman & useful podman commands


I would show you how to install podman the alternative docker. The difference between docker and podman is docker: Running the docker daemon to operate the containers. podman: Do not need to run a daemon to operate the containers. As a ini…

How to remove not removed container images & useful docker commands


Before next blog for qemu-user-static. I would write some articles. How to remove not removed container images The subject is that I faced. The reason is after upgrading a docker, the actual storage to manage containers were changed. Then …

qemu-user-static - part 2 register


qemu-user-static enables us to run multi architecture environment such as ARM on x86_64 like this. $ docker run --rm --privileged multiarch/qemu-user-static:register --reset $ docker run --rm -t multiarch/ubuntu-debootstrap:arm64-bionic un…

qemu-user-static - part 1 summary


qemu-user-static [1] is a software to enable qemu [2] consumable to build and run multi architecture (ARM 64-bit, ARM 32-bit, Intel 32-bit and etc) on x86_64 Intel processor environment. If you run docker or a docker compatible software, y…