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How to convert PDF file to PNG file with high quality on Fedora

Here is the way to convert PDF file to PNG files (1 PNG for 1 page of the PDF) with convert command, according to [1].

Maybe output image file type are recognized automatically from the file extension name ".png".

$ convert \
   -verbose \
   -density 150 \
   -trim \
   input.pdf \
   -quality 100 \
   -sharpen 0x1.0 \

Then output-0.png, output-1.png, output-2.png, and etc are created.


South of London

From the UK travel 1 month ago.


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Seven Sisters

Near Brighton


Isle of Wight

This time the route is

Brighton -> (Train) -> Portsmouth and Southsea Station -> (Bus) -> Southsea Hoverport stop -> (Hovercraft) -> Ryde

In the island, the main public transport is bus. And train (island line) at east area. The main center is around Newport bus station. 24 hours ticket of the bus is very useful to go around the island.

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